ExoFACS kits ensure exosome isolation and exosome marker characterization via FACS, comprehensive exosome profiling, easy to use and suitable for multi-marker analysis, no initial exosome purification required, lyophilized exosome standards for positive control included.

Exosome isolation from biofluids or cell culture media and FACS analysis of exosome markers.

ExoFACS enables Kit the isolation of exosomes from biofluids or cell culture media and the FACS analysis of exosome markers. The kit consists of ExoPure for exosome isolation, 4 µm beads for general capture of pre-isolated exosomes, and lyophilized exosomes from cell culture supernatants of human biological fluids as a positive control.

The characterization of the exosomal proteins (membrane-expressed or internal) is subsequently carried out using suitable proteins against exosome-associated antigens. ExoFACS contains reagents for 20 reactions (lyophilized exosomes, beads, antibodies, and buffers). The primary antibody included in the kit is against a common exosomal marker (CD9 or CD63) and can be used as a positive control for protein profiling by FACS analysis.


Reactivo ExoPureTM, perlas FACS, anticuerpo primario, anticuerpo secundario, tampón de muestra (1X), estándares de exosomas (100 μg)

Material no included

  • De un solo uso y / o pipetas con puntas desechables 2-100 μL
  • Tubos de polipropileno
  • Pipetas de 1 mL y 5 mL para preparación de reactivos
  • Agua desionizada
  • PBS
  • BSA o FBS o FCS
  • Depósitos de pipeteo desechables
  • Prepare el tampón de lavado (no incluido en el kit)
  • Tubos FACS


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